For many, the idea of drilling holes into the fenders and splicing wires to install the Lucas Style Taillight is not something that’s desirable.  That’s exactly why we’ve come up with a mounting system that utilizes the three existing fender holes and our wiring harness for a TRUE plug and play installation that requires absolutely NO DRILLING OR WIRE SPLICING.

We’ve taken our chrome plated and polished aluminum cast Lucas Style Taillights and drilled countersunk holes to match up with the existing fender holes.  We then made aluminum spacers to create a cover to hide the screws between the light and fender.  The result is a stock looking custom taillight that bolts right to the fender.

The kit comes complete with the Lucas Style Taillight, all necessary hardware (including gasket), our wiring harness (that will allow for the installation of just about any after market turn signal with male bullet style electrical connectors) and easy to follow instructions.  Combined with our Turn Signal Relocation Brackets and Bullet Marker Lights, the complete customization of the rear end of your bike can be done without a single hole being drilled or a single wire being cut!!



The standard configuration of the included harness is setup for the use of turn signals installed at the shock mounts. Longer, custom lengths are available by request.


Under the fender - Super clean

Polished Version

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